Patton State Hospital exemplifies the true meaning of what it means to “Live United”

Patton State Hospital, Arrowhead United Way
Above photo: Harry Oreol-DSH Patton Exec. Director, Stephanie Clendenin Deputy Director DSH-Sacramento, and Perosha Minwalla DHS-Patton Events & Volunteer Services Coordinator
Highland, CA – “Live United” speaks to the core of United Way’s philosophy. It’s the directive to work together to improve the common good within our community. When we are united, we are working together to solve the problems that destabilize communities: lack of education, unstable sources of income, and health problems. When we are united, we can make changes that would be impossible when we act alone.
The recently retired Executive Director of Patton State Hospital, Harry Oreol, has been a driving factor in Patton’s partnership with Arrowhead United Way. “The success of their campaign comes from the strong leadership of Harry, who has made giving back part of Patton State Hospital’s culture,” said Doug Rowand, President and CEO, Arrowhead United Way.  Harry Oreol retired in October after 32 years at the hospital, including the last four as the hospital executive director.
Annually, Arrowhead United Way (AUW) coordinates the local “Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work” campaign and informs individuals of the opportunity to give back and invest in the community.  “Patton State Hospital employees run an ideal campaign each year. They conduct an impressive breakfast and training for their coordinators. The coordinators then invite a representative from AUW to conduct presentations to their fellow employees about the benefits of giving back,” said Rowand.  “Harry should be proud of the impact that he has made it the community by supporting AUW and the Our Promise Campaign.”
Rowand said AUW is looking forward to working with Oreol’s successor, Dr. Michael Barsom, to continue its successful partnership with Patton State Hospital.
Arrowhead United Way was established in 1891 and is led by prominent respected community leaders; it is one of the oldest United Ways in the country.  Arrowhead United Way encourages individuals to become more involved in the community by giving, advocating and volunteering. To Live United is as simple as becoming a part of the efforts to improve our community, to work together towards creating opportunities for a better life for all. For more information about how to become involved with Arrowhead United Way, please call (909) 884-9441 or visit