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Women United, formerly known as the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC), is a new and powerful voice in philanthropy that is being heard across the country with more than 40,000 members nationwide. Women United has brought together a diverse team of women leaders who bring the vision, energy, talent, creativity, resources to improve lives in our community and create lasting change. Women United is committed to making certain that issues important to women are being adequately addressed and funded.


Our Misson


Through health, education and financial stability, we strive to empower and improve the lives of young women


Women United Board Members



Member Pamela Montana

Pamela Montana

Educational Liaison for the County of San Bernardino

Interim Chair with Women United

 “I joined Women United to help serve and hopefully make a difference in the lives of the young women in my community. I wanted to be able to mentor, advise, and support them on their journey. I wanted to be involved with an organization that not only gives back but helps strengthen and build one another and that is exactly what Women United has done for me and continues to do.”

Pam has been a member for more than 5 years.

Life motto: “Life Is Better When You’re Laughing”.




Member Cathy Paredes

Cathy Paredes

Vice President, Community Relations Manager of Bank of America

Founding Member & Public Relations Chair for Women United

I was inspired to get involved in a region that is important to our local economy and to inspire the women and girls in the San Bernardino area to dream big and achieve those dreams.

Life motto I go by: “When you have the courage to chase your dreams, you inspire others to chase theirs too.  Don’t give up - you never know". 






Member Sylvia A. Braggs

Sylvia A. Braggs

Principle at Morris Elementary School

Member of the Educational Team & Strategic Team for Women United

I heard about Women United from a friend and was very interested and so, I decided to join. I have been a member for over five years.

Life motto is, “always keep God in everything that you do. Look to him for guidance, and always try to help others".




Member Vanessa Torquato

Vanessa Torquato

 Finance Manager at Chaffey Federal Credit Union

Treasurer & Co-Chair of the Financial Stability Committee

“I wanted to give back. I understand how difficult it was when I was growing up in San Bernardino and finding different programs that would encourage me to continue my education and what it would take to begin a career. I love what Women United stands for and love dedicating my free time to volunteering at WU events to help young ladies understand financial stability, education and health. I have been a member since 2015.

Life Motto: “Spread the life, be the lighthouse.”




Member Anya Dixon

Annya Dixon

Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at California State University, San Bernardino

Chair of Health Education for Women United

I was inspired to help young girls and join Women United after meeting the group on National Philanthropy Day in 2016. I joined Women United in March 2017.

Life motto: “Be the change you wish to see in the world– Gandhi”.






For more information about joining Women United please contact :

909-884-9441 womenunitedvolunteers@ahuw.org