Teen's Make a Difference

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About Teens Make a Difference

Teens Make a Difference (TMAD) was created in 1993 by Arrowhead United Way, Inland Empire United Way and Inland Center Mall to encourage high school teens to volunteer in their communities and has grown from 35 students to over 900 students!  The program has helped thousands of high school students recognize the value of volunteering and has helped them to become better students and community leaders. Since its inception, more than 11,791 teens representing schools throughout the Inland Empire have provided more than 1,214,628.53 volunteer hours to local non-profit organizations in the community.

What is TMAD?

Teens Make a Difference is a program designed specifically for high school students in 9th-12th grade that recognizes the amazing volunteer work they do at non-profit organizations in their community. The purpose of Teens Make a Difference is to encourage students to get involved in their community and to prepare themselves for the workforce or for college. The vision for this program is to reach all students in our local schools to support and inspire them to be active leaders in our community by donating their time to a cause. 

Benefits of Participating

The benefit of participating in TMAD can be rewarding for both the student and the participating school. By getting students involved in high school, it shows that the school is inspiring students to think about college and a career choice. Not only that, but the high school can be recognized as a foundation for continuous support to the community by the number of volunteer hours their students donate. As for the students, it helps them network with professionals they encounter and gain insight on possible professions that are of interest to them. They can explore their passion and skills that can be translated into a college application or resume. 

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Past Teens Make A Difference Statistics
1,404 teens
64,453.81 volunteer hours 
Value of volunteer service $24.14
per hour as determined by the Independent Sector. 
Therefore, our 1,404 teens, contributing
64,453.81 hours = a saved dollar
amount in excess of $1,555,914.97
The true value of volunteering is
immeasurable, both for the person
who volunteered and for the
organization served.