What Does It Mean to Live United?

You've heard or seen the phrase (technically, it's a sentence, I suppose): Live United. We put it on everything we do here at Arrowhead United Way,  and it's the slogan for United Ways around the world. But have you ever wondered what it means? And how do you do it?
"Live United" speaks to the core of United Way's philosophy. It's the directive to work together to improve the common good within our community. When we are united, we are working together to solve the problems that destabilize communities: lack of education, unstable sources of income, and health problems. When we are united, we can make changes that would be impossible when we act alone.
"Teamwork allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Anonymous
To Live United is as simple as becoming a part of the efforts to improve our community, to work with us toward creating opportunities for a better life for all. You can do this by giving, either of your time or of your money. Donations of cash are used to fund programs that build lasting change. Gifts of your time to volunteer, either for us or for our partner agencies, directly impacts lives of people around you. Your voice as an advocate for United Way, or for issues that affect the well-being of you and your neighbors, can make our governing officials understand the impact of their decisions; it can also make others more aware of the needs of our community and the importance of working for the common good.
We invite you to join us, and be proud to Live United!