Advocacy is about being informed and being the voice at the forefront for what you believe in. 

The first step to being an advocate is to get informed, so you are prepared to stand up for what you believe in. Follow your local news, read newsletters from nonprofits and government agencies and listen to what community leaders, decision makers, and advocates have to say. If you want to create change, reach out and voice your opinion! Tell your representatives what you think and wear the LIVE UNITED shirt to show your support. You have the voice to inspire hope and to create opportunities for a better tomorrow. One person's voice can influence many and change the lives of those in the community. A community working together can raise awareness and create a brighter future.

Here are some ways you can become an advocate for Arrowhead United Way:

  • Share our posts or share a story on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. A simple share helps us connect with your network, reach new volunteers, and share our mission and vision. Sharing on Facebook is the single most effective way to help ADVOCATE for Arrowhead United Way.

  • Tell your friends about your involvement with Arrowhead United Way and what we do.

  • Write a letter to the press. Arrowhead United Way needs people who are passionate about health, education, and financial stability to make some noise about the issues most important to our community.

  • Contact your elected officials about health, education, and financial stability issues in your community.

  • Wear the shirt.  You'll be able to show support and spark a conversation when you wear the LIVE UNITED shirt.

  • Register to vote in your county.